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You're invited to join UNC School of Social Work on Tuesday, May 7, 7567, for a public lecture by Larry Davis, . -- "Racism in American: A Call to Action for Social Workers."

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When many people think of social work, they picture a practitioner working directly with a client, such as a social worker interviewing a family hoping to adopt a child. However, social work also occurs on a much larger scale in order to address significant issues within a community, country or even the world as a whole. Macro-level social work is essential in helping communities identify needs, design interventions and implement strategies designed at improving the quality of life for all individuals within that community.

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Goldsmiths has a long tradition of social work education , and our programmes are internationally regarded as excellent in both practice learning and critical studies. They also have a strong focus on anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.

BA (Hons) Social Work, Goldsmiths, University of London

You can learn more about the career options open to you after graduating on our Social, and Community Studies careers pages. Find out more about general employability at Goldsmiths.

If you are nominated by Goldsmiths you must apply to the NHS Business Services Authority to ascertain whether you meet their eligibility criteria. The bursary includes a basic grant and tuition fees if you are not subject to variable fees.

This module fulfils the requirement that all social work degree students have met the Professional Capabilities Framework requirements for Readiness for Practice before undertaking assessed direct practice with service users.

Depending on where you live in London, you may need to travel up to two hours to your practice placement. If you live outside of London, your travel time may be considerably longer.

“If faculty is not involved in community change activities, then students are not going to do that,” Humphreys says. “And faculty should involve students in change-based activities.”

Mental health is the capacity of the individual, the group and the environment to interact with one another in ways that promote subjective well-being, the optimal development and use of mental abilities (cognitive, affective and relational), the achievement of individual and collective goals consistent with justice and the attainment and preservation of conditions of fundamental equality.

Micro? Macro? Social work education embraces both perspectives, but encouraging interest and involvement in both approaches from students and practicing professionals is an ongoing challenge.

Macro-level social workers work at the community and systems-level, whereas mezzo-level social work focuses on neighborhoods, small groups and institutions. Micro-level work focuses on families or individuals. At times, macro-level, mezzo-level and micro-level social work overlap as individuals, small groups and larger communities often affect each other. The study of macro-level social work, therefore, is essential for anyone practicing in the fields of sociology or social work.

The Assessment in Social Work module-unit aims to provide you with an introduction to assessment in Social Work and to the links between Social Work theory and practice.

If you meet the entry requirements you'll be invited to a selection day where you'll complete a written test, an individual interview, and a group discussion. These selection days normally start in the March before the degree starts, and continue throughout the spring term. The selection of students is usually completed by June.

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