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The stronger writers in Section II will be able to draw on literary techniques such as similes, metaphors and alliterations. "Show the markers that you have the skills that the best writers have," says Edwards.

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Thereafter, they go in for specialization in different areas at the higher secondary level. The fee charged in these schools is very nominal. Thus a very large number of students coming from low income groups can afford instruction in these schools.

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The second paper for the Advanced course will also cover three modules. The first module of the Advanced paper will be a comparative study of texts and contexts module B of the Advanced paper will be a critical study of texts and module C will examine the way in which people, events or situations are represented in a text.

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Learning history is interesting and enjoyable. Studying history is prioritized by some as an effective subject although others argue against it as a waste of time. While studying history, it is possible to know about ancestors 8767 contribution on this modern world and the mistakes they made, although memorizing dates and names, and lack of science or technology has no usefulness in future.

I don 8767 t give band scores. But I will tell you that to get band score 8, you need to produce sentences that are mainly without any errors in either grammar or vocabulary. That 8767 s means excellent English. Do you have that level? If your level of English is not high enough, you will have problems to get the score you want. Get your English assessed before you book your test. Please check my band score page to learn more about the requirements for each band score.
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A distinction has to be made between privatization and commercialization of education. India has a long tradition of private effort in higher education. Tilak, Maharishi Karve, Madan Mohan Malaviya, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, DAV Trusts, Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Khalsa Dewan, Jamia Milia Islamia and many other charitable trusts started educational institutions to widen educational opportunity in the society.

Union in a cartel or trust confers various benefits on the entrepreneur - a saving in costs, a stronger position as against the workers - but none of these compares with this one advantage: a monopolistic price policy, possible to any considerable degree only behind an adequate protective tariff.

Examiners from BC and IDP are trained in the same way, follow the same questions and also following the same marking criteria. There should be no difference. You must get in touch with your local test center to find out if they use headphones for listening. Many students prefer headphones, so definitely check that.
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