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Morphogenesis of Flowers—Our Evolving View

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 00:50

You and I are making the same vote with our dollars Charles. You vote against CAFO meat and milk by not buying either. I vote by raising my own meat, milk, and eggs. We are really the same in this regard. By you saying that you are against factory farmed animals and that is why you are vegan, well that is the exact same thing I am also saying/doing. We are only going about it two different ways.

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The world became a binary place of dark and light, on and off, safety and danger.... I sat at my desk and tried to write down how this felt so I could look at it later. I wrote down the word 8775 Cro-Magnon. 8776 I was very aware that I was stupid.... Luckily there were only a couple of people in Kinko 8767 s and one of them was a friend. She confirmed that my pupils were of different sizes. One was out of round....

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Sure, you can 8767 t completely remove animals from the global or even local food systems. But what you can do is consciously reduce the amount of animal products you use.

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8775 What you’re missing is that the majority of those crops (corn, soy) are grown to feed animals destined for milk/egg production or slaughter for meat. 8776

I also don 8767 t eat meat because I personally could never kill an animal, and so wouldn 8767 t feel right about paying someone to do it on my behalf. I believe that as humans we may have evolved to eat meat as 8766 hunter-gatherers 8767 but I also believe that we have further evolved something called compassion. What separates us from other animals is that we are capable of rational thought, to think through our actions and to understand their consequences. It is not enough for us to simply say that death is a part of life, therefore it is natural to keep an animal fenced or locked up and then slit its throat and eat it, because we are 8766 supposed 8767 to eat meat.

Yeah, you are correct we are genetically designed to eat meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs etc and actually we are not well designed to eat grains. Grains actually are BAD for you health.

8775 There 8767 s always a risk that as more people become aware, some people will try it. It 8767 s kind of like announcing that the bank leaves the vault open at nine o 8767 clock in the morning. Is that going to induce someone to rob the bank? Draw your own conclusions. 8776

Judging by the spirited polemic that followed, Will Fulton is the Tom Paine of the cut-flower world. 8775 Wait a minute! 8776 he wrote. 8775 Where 8767 s the mens rea [criminal intent] here? 8776 Imagine yourself in the interrogation room, he asked his members: 8775 `So, you admit that you intended to cultivate for culinary or horticultural purposes. 8767

8775 A predatory mother feeding its 8776 this equates the morality of humans to that of animal instinct. It is an interesting comparison, but it goes against every consideration of 8766 morality 8767 that I can think of.

Beautifully written. Not only do I garden & raise my own chickens (for meat and eggs)I use death every day in my art I work in porcelain, which I have aged myself. My clay is completely covered in fine mold, which get mixed into the clay and fired to create my little artworks. Death is life!

Most B67 deficiencies are thought to be an absorption problem, not a dietary problem. You have a slightly less chance of having a B67 deficiency by being a practicing Omnivore.

Saying that one cannot thrive without animal products is asinine. Some can, some cannot. I 8767 m a gluten free vegan marathon runner. I 8767 m not broken, not B67 deficient, don 8767 t kill animals for food or fertilizer, and I 8767 ve happily eschewed animal products in my diet for 78 years.

At that age, it’s easy to be proud. My grades were always the best in the class. When I was in class, I never listened to the lesson material, instead revisiting novels in my head. I must’ve read “Plums of the 67th Lunar Month” (梅腊月) a thousand times in my head.

There were other sources of nitrogen I could have applied. Right now, fossil fuel provides the nitrogen to grow crops the world over. Synthetic fertilizer is what created the green revolution, with its 755 percent increase in crops. Besides the fact that nothing made from fossil fuels is sustainable—we can’t grow fossil fuel and it doesn’t reproduce itself—synthetic fertilizers eventually destroy the soil.

I don 8767 t have a problem with someone being on a particular diet but they should be honest and not militant or evangelical especially since that makes them hypocrites.

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