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This result is described as unintuitive because it results in three subsections even though there's only one section element. Effectively, the section is split into three, just like the implied body element in the previous example.

Department of History

Soha Systems is the innovator in enterprise secure access delivered as a service, bringing a radically new painless approach for third-party access to applications hosted in data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

Change the place of the default application name in the

Tiki Pop: America Conjures Up Its Own Polynesian Paradise is a superb new book by Sven A. Kirsten, published by Taschen, that helps explain how America became obsessed with the idea of living on a beach where the skies were always sunny, women were beautiful, and drinks were strong.

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If the current section has no heading, create an implied heading and let that be the heading for the current section.

  • Pop the top element from the stack, and let the current outline target be that element.
  • Let current section be the last section in the outline of the current outline target element.
  • Append the outline of the sectioning content element being exited to the current section. (This does not change which section is the last section in the outline.)
  • When entering a sectioning root element Run these steps:

    At BlueJeans Network, we create video experiences that people love, and are also trusted by the IT organizations of the world’s leading brands. BlueJeans offers interactive, multi-directional visual communication services through a cloud-based platform that gives peace of mind to IT leaders and unleashes the workforce to be their best, wherever they are in the world.

    Prior to Okta, Eric served as the VP of Product Management and Marketing for Apptio, the market leading SaaS provider of IT financial management solutions, the Director of Product Management at Microsoft, and the Director of Product Marketing and Business Development at Ensim. Eric also has experience working at Goldman Sachs and Intel, where he held a variety of engineering management, technical marketing and product management positions.

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