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Another interesting aspect of this poem is the fact that the perfection of nature saddens the speaker. Melancholy sets in almost immediately because of the striking contrast between nature and humanity. The speaker seems to feel that it is his responsibility to ponder the mistakes of humanity. This is especially evident in the question posed in the last stanza.

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History of Shawassee and Clinton Counties, Michigan - Free
With illustrations an biographical sketches of their prominent men and pioneers.

Wordsworth’s Poetical Works “Lines Written in Early Spring

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Hart's history and directory of the three towns, Brownsville, Bridgeport, West Brownsville, Pennsylvania - Free
Illustrated with portraits and views also abridged history of Fayette County and Wester Pennsylvania

History of Franklin County, Ohio - UPDATED - Free
A collection of reminiscences of the early settlement of the county with biographical sketches and a complete history of the county to the present time.

Louisiana its colonial history and romance - Free
The poetry, or the romance of the history of Louisiana. Louisiana its history as a French colony.

The history of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin - Free
Containing a history of fond du lac county, its early settlement, growth, development, resources, etc., an extensive and minute sketch of its cities, their improvements, industries, manufactories, churches, schools, societies, etc., war record, biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers, etc. also history of wisconsin, constitution of the united states and of wisconsin, condensed abstract of laws of wisconsin, miscellaneous, etc.

Madison, Dane County and Surrounding Towns, Wisconsin - Free
Being a history and guide to places of scenic beauty and historical note found in the towns of Dane county and surroundings, including the organization of the towns, and early intercourse of the settlers with the Indians, their camps, trails, mounds, etc.

Nature has connected itself to the speaker s soul, leading him to sadly consider What man has made of man. Even as he does this, however, he takes in the beautiful scene that surrounds him: