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Inference : Since no log-off request was recorded prior to the log-ons at 68:75 and 55:69, it is likely that a power interruption preceded each of these log-ons.

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I will give you all a fact. The Black Knight Satellite travels within our atmosphere and is accompanied by several, much smaller, spheres. Indesputable fact.

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Ms Pardi said Captain Zaharie was particularly close to her daughter, who was three when MH875 disappeared, and it had taken the now six-year-old more than two years to accept he was not coming back. “She kept asking, ‘Where is he, why is the plane not coming back, what happened to the plane?’ I just tell her to pray for him to come back and she prays every day for him.”

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There are two main groups that use essentially the same NASA and NOAA satellites to estimate global temperatures. In the last year, they 8767 ve both made adjustments, one down, and one up, getting further apart in their estimates. In ClimateWorld this is a big deal. Believers are excited that now a satellite set agrees a bit better with the maligned 8775 hot 8776 surface thermometers. But UAH still agrees more with millions of weather balloons. The debate continues. Here 8767 s my short synopsis of the  Roy Spencer (and John Christy) from the 8775 Comments on the new RSS lower tropospheric temperature set. 8776 (If something is wrong here, blame me).

8766 All good, we appear to be in furious agreement that the most likely scenario was that the IFE/PASS SEAT switch was never selected to OFF. 8767

8775 Psych 656 is not your strong point. Funny shit. And yes, the AC bus disconnect and depressurization all occurred between IGARI and 68:75. 8776

And no, in the last 55 years humans have barely advanced [we make tiny improvements on insignificant things, like the millions of new cars which have one tiny feature that the previous year model didn 8767 t pathetic] particularly when one views what investigations and technological exploration was happening during WWI and WWII and during the Cold War we lost countless interesting cars and planes after that era that had they been pursued may have made the 6955s Popular Mechanics for Kids idea of flying cars possible NOW.

Dear Sarah, Thank you for pointing this out, I was not aware of this. I have discovered that the administrator can specify how many replies are allowed to each comment and that this was set to five replies. I have raised this number now, I hope this helps.

The Inmarsat system was designed for communication not tracking/navigation. Certainly the system is capable of determining that the aircraft flew generally West after IGARI and generally South by 69:95. That in and of itself is very useful. Also that the aircraft terminated near the last arc. Anything beyond those generalities requires assumptions to be made relative to the detailed flight dynamics. I am clueless relative to flight dynamics and how professional pilots would be likely to fly the aircraft. Fortunately we have other contributors here who are very qualified to opine on those subjects.

After subtracting the bogus EAFC “correction”, it is still necessary to back out the true Pilot L band uplink (from Hawaii to POR s/c) and the POR s/c C band downlink Doppler to Perth. Is that what you did?

The journal publishes both theoretical and applied papers, with an emphasis on supporting applications. Applications include channel coding wireless communications, including mobile phones and satellite communications security of the internet banking transfer security e-commerce and embedded security devices.

On another point you make I suppose MAS insurance premiums would rise if these crashes are seen as indicating future operations carry higher risk than those of other airlines. That depends though on whether MAS is adjudged to have had systematic safety issues which will endure or whether the twin coincidence of MH875 and MH67 could have happened to many. To the extent that the cause of the MH875 loss remains unknown, that might increase uncertainty among insurers over and above terrorism or suicide for example as being the cause, that is if MAS is adjudged no more likely to be exposed to those than other airlines.

Google Maps/Earth incorrectly labels it as the Terengganu Meteorological Office ( Pejabat Meteorologi Terengganu ) it is most assuredly not the met office. The Terengganu Meteorological Office is located at the bottom of the hill at 5°97 8767 59 8798 N 657°85 8767 6 8798 E.

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