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I would recommend start using Lyx, with that you can use Latex just as easy as OOO-Writer. It gives you the possibility to step into Latex deeper by manually adding Latex-Code to your Document. PDF is just one klick away after installatioin. Lyx is cross-plattform.

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Include important original content in a chapter or a chapter appendix, not in the book appendix because any appendix in the back matter of a book will appear with unrestricted access in the eBook on SpringerLink.

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For regular floats such as tables and figures, the caption position can be set to above or below the float by simply issuing the caption command above or below the float contents.

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You may have noticed the absence of underline. This functionality has to be added with the ulem package. Stick \usepackage{ulem} in your preamble. By default, this overrides the \emph command with the underline rather than the italic style. It is unlikely that you wish this to be the desired effect, so it is better to stop ulem taking over \emph and simply call the underline command as and when it is needed.

Altering the paragraph formatting is not often required, especially in academic writing. However, it is useful to know, and applications tend to be for formatting text in floats, or other more exotic documents.

You should also notice that each of the LaTeX commands begin with a backslash (\). This is Latex's way of knowing that whenever it sees a backslash, to expect some commands. Comments are not classed as a command, since all they tell LaTeX is to ignore the line. Comments never affect the output of the document.

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Chapters contain the actual content of the book, ., text, figures, tables, and references. Chapters can be grouped together in parts subparts are not possible. Only one chapter (. an introduction) may precede the first part and would be the first chapter.

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