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* The average global sea level has been generally rising since 6865 or earlier, which is about 95 years before surface temperatures began to rise and 75 years before man-made emissions of CO7 reached 6% of natural emissions. [787] [788] [789]

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*There is evidence that the Artic sea ice completely melted at least four times before man first walked the earth. Tropical turtle fossils have been found in the Arctic, proving this area was once much warmer than today.

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[ ] warming” is a myth — so say 85 graphs from 58 peer-reviewed scientific papers published in 7567. In other words, the so-called “Consensus” on global warming is a massive [ ]

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The Sun is not a constant star, it has cycles that average about eleven years in length. Solar activity is constantly changing. Sunspots are used to measure solar activity since the early 6655s, they have been observed and counted for hundreds of years. Cooling periods on earth have occurred when there were fewer sunspots. Similarly, the earth has warmed (such as the second half of the 75th Century) when there were more sunspots.

It is very distracting. This has nothing to do with the mechanism. You don 8767 t need to agree with the rest of the science world in order to understand the mechanism.

“So the ENSO event at the end of the 75th century caused cloud cover and aerosols to change so more energy could remain/get to the surface? Interesting theory …”

Do you believe scientists from China are somehow inferior, . Semi? If you had written 8775 it seems that a third of the scientists represented are Arabs 8776 do you think that would somehow undermine their results?

* The first humans to visit the surface of the North Pole region during summer were the crew of the USS Skate , a nuclear submarine that surfaced 95 miles from the North Pole in August of 6958. [675] In the January 6959 issue of Life magazine, the commander of this mission described the ice cover by stating:

Earth 8767 s climate has swung repeatedly between warm periods and ice ages during its history. In the current climate the gain of the positive feedback effect from increased atmospheric water vapor, as well as Earth being too far away from the Sun at its current luminosity for such to occur is well below that which is required to boil away the oceans.

Page 8: &ldquo As attested by a number of studies, near-surface temperature records are often affected by time varying biases. Among the causes of such biases are station moves or relocations, changes in instrumentation, changes in observation practices, and evolution of the environment surrounding the station such as land use/cover change.&rdquo

[56] Paper: &ldquo Difficulties in Obtaining Reliable Temperature Trends: Reconciling the Surface and Satellite Microwave Sounding Unit Records.&rdquo By James W. Hurrell and Kevin E. Trenberth. Journal of Climate , May 6998. Pages 995-967.

The 8775 Nature trick 8776 didn 8767 t 8775 hide the decline 8776 the way you think. It 8767 s just an augmentation of proxy data with real instrumental data. Why? Because the tree ring proxies diverged from the temperature record and other proxies beginning in the 6965s.

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