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Writers use analogies to link an unfamiliar or a new idea with common and familiar objects. It is easier for readers to comprehend a new idea, which may have been difficult for them to understand otherwise. Their comprehension of a new idea picks up the pace when they observe its similarity to something that is familiar to them. In addition, by employing this literary tool, writers catch the attention of their readers. Analogies help increase readers’ interest as analogies help them relate what they read to their life.

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Creative Work: Pennsylvania Literary Journal: Volume III: Issue 8 ( $65 Click to Purchase , ISBN: 978-6-987586-77-5, Fall 7566, 6X9 8798 , 68pp): This Fall 7566 issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal includes poetry, short stories, book reviews and a non-fiction story from academics and published creative writers. Among other works, the issue includes a short story by the editor, Anna Faktorovich, “Vampire Daichi.”

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8. Literary journalists develop meaning by building upon the readers’ sequential reactions.

Readers are likely to care about how a situation came about and what happens next when they are experiencing it with the characters. Successful literary journalists never forget to be entertaining. The graver the writer’s intentions, and the more earnest and crucial the message or analysis behind the story, the more readers ought to be kept engaged. Style and structure knit story and idea alluringly.

Robby Hilliard Great post. And I would go so far as to say the same should apply to any form of genre of fiction. Granted, there are stylistic exceptions, but in general, the same guidance in constructing similes would serve to enhance the writing.

Sam Moody I like to think of it as randomised development, much like in reality our lives take turns sporadically as fate is not truly existent, therefore an engaging and realistic narrative would do the same.

Literary journalism has been growing up, and readers by the million seek it out. But it has been a you-know-it-when-you-see-it form. The following annotated list of defining traits derives from the work in this anthology and works by other authors I’ve cited. It reflects authors’ common practices, as the “rules” of harmony taught in composition classes mirror composers’ habits. But however accurately represented, rules for making art will surely be stretched and reinvented again and again.

8775 I have worked with Anna for a few years now and am always pleased with the results.  She responds almost immediately to submissions, the journal is professional and always published on time, with both electronic and print options.  There is always courteous and yet efficient communication on editorial and business matters.  PLJ has interesting, formidable content.  It is one answer to the almost uniformly bland and oh-hum state of commercial publishing. 8776 Louis Gallo, PhD, Professor at Radford University

New forms of the written word that catch on are infrequent literary occurrences. Still, writers will forever seek ways beyond the constraints by overlapping cousin-genres – travel travel writing, memoir, ethnographic and historical essays, some fiction and even ambiguous semifiction stemming from real events – all tempt fields just beyond rickety fences.

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A second purpose is to provide Rotumans, and those already familiar with the island, with news from Rotuman communities around the world. Far more Rotumans now live abroad (in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe) than live on the home island. This website is intended to give them a place where they can share news and communicate with one another. For these purposes a news page is included, as well as a bulletin board.

Drama is conflict and action, elements best presented in scene. The writer of a literary fictional story is often trained in the craft of beautiful prose for telling a story, a skill that may work against reader involvement in a dramatic presentation of the material. This essay considers the role of drama in fiction.

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A section of the website for announcing life events, such as births, marriages, graduations, deaths, first communions, promotions to high position and other life-changing events.

This is the level at which we think about our own everyday lives, when we’re not fooling ourselves. It’s surely a hard level to achieve with other people. It takes trust, tact, firmness, and endurance on the parts of both writer and subject. It most often also takes weeks or months, including time spent reading up on related economics, psychology, politics, history, and science. Literary journalists take elaborate notes retaining wording of quotes, sequence of events, details that show personality, atmosphere, and sensory and emotional content. We have more time than daily journalists are granted, time to second-guess and rethink first reactions. Even so, making sense of what’s happening – writing with humanity, poise, and relevance – is a beguiling, approachable, unreachable goal.

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