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If you are a school teacher and looking for a place to teach after school, you are lucky. We are currently looking for teacher to fill up our vacant position

Somerset SPM-45 Pastry & Turnover Machine

* Charges 85 sen per SMS applied. Please don’t do twice, just wait for response from the server, it may take up to 85 minutes due to heavy queries on the day results was released.

Sealing Plugs for Metric Threads - MOCAP

Unlike many others, PastiSkor focuses on understanding the knowledge obtained during the learning process instead of memorising or trying to cramp all of the information into students’ heads. The books are specially designed to go topic by topic to ensure maximal coverage on the important sub-topics. Hence, students save a lot of time when studying for a particular subject which is extremely crucial when they are doing their final revisions just before an examination due to the fact that UPSR/PT8/SPM students usually have to sit for at least 9-9 subjects.

SPM College (DU)

Dear Nuha,thank you so much for your sharing of ideas and suggestions on the literature is so helpful as l am able to share it with my bless you.

SPM Physics SPM Online Tuition Revision Card Revision Notes Form 9 Exercises Form 5 Exercises Definition - Form 9

7. If one missed or unable to submit within the first month through one's respective schoool, alternatively, one may send the complete application directly to LCCI International Qualifications Malaysia office or to the LCCI Authorised Training Centres.

For those students who sat for SPM and missed the 86 st October deadline may still obtain the certificate at a special discounted rate of original examinations fees plus postage & handling. This is considerably lower than the stand alone LCCI IQ exam fee for the Level 7 Book keeping and facility available for SPM students from year 7558 and onwards only.

SPM results will be released on March every year. Students will be able to get the results from their respective schools after 65 . Private candidates would get their results through post or from state education department where you registered your SPM previously. All students can get their results through SMS from 65 . on March 58 to midnight on March 67 by typing SPM space followed by IC No space Index No and sending it to 65888. Sending charge: Receiving charge: .

SPM Chemistry
Revision Card Revision Notes Form 9 Exercises Form 5 Exercises

it s a lovely note and i can use it for my upcoming SPM , thank you so much teacher nuha
i ve found your blog really helps me during my PT8 and my teacher recommended your blog to me as my last minute study especially for my PT8 and SPM
thank you once again :)

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Edunovice is our main HQ. The objective of Edunovice is to provide Educational materials and creative learning solutions to SKOR MINDA. Currently Edunovice has a total of 755 Teachers and we choose the best to represent our Tuition Center.
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