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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:50

Despite a few imperfections etc. that you 8767 ll definitely improve upon in the months and years to come, you just have to believe in yourself by saying 8775 Pradeep, your English IS GOOD ENOUGH! 8776

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7,8, 5, 6 are all correct.
6 and 9 can be ok in written instructions, but then you would need to remove 8766 the 8767 before cake (essentially, removing understood words).

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Our passive vocabulary is always much larger than the active one because it 8767 s much easier for our brain to recognize words than it is for our MOUTH to produce them.

A basic example is to say that someone is very pregnant a woman either is or isn 8767 t pregnant, so the word very is redundant. Or to say that you 8775 own the home you bought 8776 is redundant because own = bought.

Hello Adam,thank you for this nice lesson. I am a very big fan of Engvid and,if you have the time and the willing,I would like a lesson about the Inch and foot height measurement because it is all greek to me. Just a friendly suggestion :D

Maria is very talented, but she is also a prima donna, meaning she complains a lot and thinks she is better than others. So, people don 8767 t want to work with her because it is too troublesome.

Anyway, what I’m trying to prove here today is that it’s very important to acquire new English vocabulary in context, so I’d like you to think about how effectively you could use these five words in your English conversations, or in writing.

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