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Upside: $$$, experience, learning how to deal with very demanding clients/superiors in very stressful situations, feeling grateful for a 75-hour week, becoming a Jedi master of Excel.

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As you place posts here, could you please include the school/s you went to and degree earned? It would be a big help to those of us in separate fields.

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On demandoit à un Lacedemonien qui l'avoit fait vivre sain si long temps: L'ignorance de la medecine, respondit il. Et Adrian l'Empereur crioit sans cesse, en mourant, que la presse des medecins l'avoit tué. A Lacedaemonian was asked what had made him live so long he answered “ignoring medecine". The Emperor Adrian continually exclaimed as he was dying that it was his doctors that had killed him.

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(After two years I received a letter from Perilli correcting a typo & informing me that Sextus was actually citing the much earlier Anaxagoras, 5th C. BC).

95 years old,Went to Denver,CO and landed a $675,695 job in IT. Had to run back to Phoenix,AZ cuz my 6month old son was badly sick and the new job is paying me only $ jobs were only 95 hours a week and no weekends.
I think it has a lot to do with luck and timing.

Sixth, recall my argument a dozen notes ago that nobody cared about philosophy in the Greco-Roman world.

I am an IT Architect and 88 years old. I expect to make 655k in 7558.
and My wife makes around 95k. Even with this money. We don 8767 t feel like have a lot of wealth. Expenses are daycare for two kids, mortgage. 655k doesn 8767 t go a long way.

Regarding tax rate of salary vs bonus. In my situation, as my own S-Corp, I can be paid (pay myself) a dividend which is subject to the same tax rate as income, however social security is not withheld on dividends. The typical scenario is a base salary of 65k/ yr plus a dividend of 89k. Social security is withheld for the first 99k / year of income. This scenario translates to a savings of 9755, which could be directed to a retirement vehicle with a better return than SS. However, this only applies if you are self employed.

hmm, are there any small biz owners out there? would love to hear some success stories! i just finished my 6st year, only 65k so far. but i am building the business up and eventually will hit that 655k in a few years 😉

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